Add capability without adding capital investment.

The Functional Service Provider (FSP) model at IQVIA optimizes clinical development by delivering a flexible mix of functional expertise, resource management, and technology-enabled solutions to maximize your global programs.

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Work faster, smarter and more efficiently

IQVIA functional services fills gaps and manages workflows with customized offerings to support a broad range of needs, including clinical data management, safety, regulatory, clinical monitoring, and biostatistics.

Specialized services, from statistical programming and medical writing, to deploying connected devices and the latest in advanced analytics, ensure the right resources are used at the right time. Benefits include

  • Cost-effective solutions that leverage low-cost geographies
  • Enhanced performance and safety
  • Resource, productivity or outcome-based solutions to meet efficiency goals
  • Scalable and flexible models for diverse sizes and complexities
The latest from our FSP experts
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man on computer

Clinical Monitoring

From resource management to centralized monitoring

Whether you require resource management or a strategic outsourced centralized monitoring program, IQVIA’s clinical FSP programs provide a flexible mix of clinical monitoring expertise, resource management and technology-enabled solutions, each designed to deliver the results you need across your portfolio.

Our industry-leading centralized monitoring approach leverages IQVIA's global resource, real world data and advanced technologies to

  • Enhance patient safety 
  • Improve data quality 
  • Help CRAs be more efficient through mobile capabilities and connected devices for faster data input and issue resolution


Manage safety across the product lifecycle

IQVIA is using automation to create efficiencies – and reduce costs – for adverse event identification and reporting, translations, case processing and more. All backed by unparalleled global data, analytics and more than a dozen years of global FSP delivery excellence.

Depending on your organizational needs, IQVIA can deliver safety case processing, operational expertise or fully integrated safety services, processes and technologies. 

board meeting presentation
board meeting presentation


Stay a step ahead of change

Bring transparency, efficiency and predictability to your regulatory affairs strategy. IQVIA's flexible FSP programs let you outsource specific regulatory resources or configure fully integrated solutions.

A proprietary Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution - IQVIA RIM Smart - powered by a centralized regulatory intelligence database and Business Process Management (BPM) tools support compliance and increase value for your product. 

And with IQVIA's team of global regulatory scientists behind it all, you can manage regulatory challenges on a global scale, including

  • Submitting multi-layered new drug applications (NDAs) and marketing authorization applications (MAAs)
  • Executing label changes across several countries
  • Staying ahead of the ever-changing regulatory needs
IQVIA's Experience

70+ countries

with customized FSP teams
female talking to her colleague in office
female talking to her colleague in office

Data Management

The value of data, beyond the numbers

From building your database to locking it down, IQVIA's FSP resources provide customized, innovative data management solutions.

From full-time employee to outcomes-based projects, IQVIA's data management methods help you

  • Engage patients
  • Improve data transparency
  • Ensure data quality
  • Allow for early problem solving
  • Reduce oversight time

And with interoperable, system agnostic platforms, you can adapt quickly to the changing clinical development landscape. 

women reviewing notes on computer
women reviewing notes on computer


Make analytics a competitive advantage

Navigate the complexities of study design to arrive at insights that drive speed and flexibility - without compromising quality.

IQVIA's seasoned biostatisticians turn data into actionable insights, fueling clinical trial success by reducing costs and risks, and accelerating timelines and quality of submissions.

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