AI & Machine Learning with a healthcare IQ.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating opportunities. Realizing the benefits for healthcare requires the right expertise. Together, we can solve the problems of today, and drive the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

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AI & Machine Learning 5050
AI & Machine Learning 5050

At the intersection of data science and healthcare

With data volume increasing exponentially, AI and machine learning capabilities are more powerful than ever. We are at a time of unprecedented potential for human health.

To realize that potential, you need to answer increasingly complex questions that require not only cutting-edge data and technology, but also the right expertise. 

Powered by The IQVIA CORE?, our AI capabilities and domain expertise help deliver healthcare-grade solutions – enabling you to uncover deeper insights, meet growing demands, and make better decisions.

AI & Machine Learning - 5050
AI & Machine Learning - 5050

IQVIA uses AI to help customers from clinical to commercial to enhance precision, increase speed, and scale to meet evolving challenges.

  • Improve design and execution of clinical trials
  • Find correlations that enable early disease detection
  • Transform sales and marketing outcomes
  • Turn unstructured text into structured, actionable data
  • Increase automation and operational efficiencies
  • Access AI insights via scalable, secure platforms
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30% faster

average clinical trial recruitment using AI and machine learning

95-99% accuracy

identifying Real World outcomes in heart failure patients

50x improvement

identifying patients with Hepatitis C compared to CDC guidelines for screening a specific population
Doyle, O., Leavitt, N., Rigg, J. (2020). Finding undiagnosed patients with hepatitis C infection: an application of artificial intelligence to patient claims data.
IQVIA's Expertise

4,600+ data scientists

Including statisticians and analytic developers
IQVIA? CORE, a seamless, dynamic, and constant integration of IQVIA's capabilities that powers solutions and ideas.
IQVIA? CORE, a seamless, dynamic, and constant integration of IQVIA's capabilities that powers solutions and ideas.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE

With the IQVIA CORE, our AI and machine learning capabilities are accelerated, benefiting from a seamless integration of data science and human science expertise that delivers practical, scalable solutions. IQVIA brings experts with deep knowledge of the nuances of healthcare - from doctors and researchers, to engineers and data scientists - together to build practical, scalable solutions.

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