Integrate, unify and standardize data to enable insights across the enterprise

Information is only as valuable as the insights it yields. IQVIA Enterprise Information Management lets you connect data across your organization to transform the way you make business decisions. A next generation information management solution helps your teams effectively integrate and aggregate data and deliver timely, accurate information to your stakeholders. Provide your business leaders with access to the insights they need to make informed decisions.

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A complete and accurate view of data to support better decisions

Most organizations have too much data and too little insight. IQVIA Enterprise Information Management (EIM) gives you a foundation for business transformation. It unifies commercial data from different parts of your business with integrated capabilities

  • Integrated Data Platform, next generation self-service data management solution with embedded intelligence and business rules management capabilities for life sciences organizations seeking a faster, more intuitive and modernized approach of harnessing insights from multiple data sources and enable analytics for diverse user personas.
  • Master Data Management, a big data oriented, fully saas multidomain solution to gather and govern master data across customer, product, payor and provider domains and distribute consistent information throughout the ecosystem
  • Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), a centralized hosting and data management solution that provides a cost-effective way to host, curate, integrate, and access IQVIA data in one central location so customers can access all of their data in one place.

Together, these capabilities allow you to combine, format and share reference, meta and master data across your organization. Use advanced analytics to transform and increase the speed, precision, and accuracy of business decision-making. Seamlessly and securely integrate vast real-world data into business analytics.

  • Support advanced analytics by preparing data from different sources for business intelligence and analytical tools
  • Improve accountability with more transparent decision-making founded on reliable shared data.
  • Optimize technology investments through seamless integration with applications used to manage the various business processes.
  • Simplify integration with fully-integrated, purpose-built master data management and data warehouse solutions designed for life science companies.

IQVIA Enterprise Information Management

Organize and orchestrate your data

Use data to drive insights and transform your decision making

More about Integrated Data Platform

The next-generation self-service data management solution to integrate, unify and standardize data to enable insights and analytics across the enterprise.

  • Ready for the way you do business – pre built extended data catalog specifically designed for Life science, with business and data quality rules, integrated with the most advance artificial intelligence enable an extensive KPI library to support analytics.
  • Designed to drive insights faster - Accelerate the transformation from data to insights for key decision-makers throughout your organization. Seamlessly integrate with IQVIA’s best-in-class data, as well as pre-built integration methodologies that help you easily connect to the industry’s most commonly adopted applications.
  • Right sized and purpose built – Best in class components allow scaling as you grow and maximize operational performance and ROI.

More about Master Data Management

Reltio Cloud™ for IQVIA's MDM Solutions provides the right information to the right users within the confines of IT architecture, enhanced by the depth and breadth of industry expertise that only IQVIA offers.

  • View data from all angles with seamless access - Gain a comprehensive view with a golden record of customers, organizational relationships, products and other data domains in one centralized, scalable and readily-maintained system.
  • Improve decision-making with smart domain expertise - Get the right information to the right users to enable them to make the right decisions, discover opportunities and reduce errors that could lead to compliance concerns.
  • Reduce time to insight with connected data - Aggregate data from disparate sources for integration with predictive analytics driven by machine learning.

IQVIA Master Data Management

More about Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Data-as-a-Service is a centralized hosting and data management solution that provides a cost-effective way to host, curate, integrate, and access IQVIA data in one central location so customers can access all of their data in one place.

  • Faster Data Delivery - Delivers data faster and in the transformed & formatted configuration our customers require
  • Reduce Cost - Reduces dependence on expensive System Integration
  • Centralized Access to Data - Access all of your IQVIA data in one place
  • Standardized and Integrated Data - Delivered via IQVIA’s Global Data Model. The Standard for Comprehensive Health Data
  • Flexible and Scalable - Built on open source, Big Data technology standards. giving customers the flexibility to scale and migrate data to meet changing needs quickly
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