Build an evidence-based story that links price to value.

A tailored combination of evidence, value frameworks and pricing strategy is critical in optimizing your product's market access strategy around the world. IQVIA helps you connect the dots to build a strong value story for your brand that is understood by payers and providers alike.
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New demands for new products

Increasingly, payers, providers and regulators are looking at new types of data and evidence when evaluating price and value - especially for innovative products.

Understanding how these stakeholders define value, which evidence data matters, and where your portfolio may face risk around the world is an essential element in any market access strategy to protect and expand commercial success. And while these issues are most critical at launch, keeping on top of pricing and market access trends around the world will ensure you stay a step ahead throughout your product's lifecycle.

Demonstrate value from the beginning

IQVIA helps you navigate market access by reaching for the data, connections and insights that will build the right story for your product, starting while your drug is still in clinical development.

By identifying and capturing the right market and competitive insights, you can accelerate approvals, assess risk, establish appropriate pricing, and enhance speed to market for new and innovative products. 

  • Economic modeling solutions based on real world data
  • Payer and provider engagement strategies 
  • Global, local, and country-specific regulatory landscape mapping
  • Pricing insights for each unique product
Our latest thinking on navigating market access

The patient perspective on value

Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) matter. Payers and regulators around the world are increasingly incorporating the patient experience when considering coverage and pricing. Providers value it as a way to understand the real impact of a treatment on improved outcomes and quality of care.

IQVIA can help you understand the patient experience with:

  • Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) strategy on what to measure and how.
  • Instrument selection, development, or modification questions to capture patient preferences.
  • COA endpoint development to measure how the product affects the patient.
  • eCOA trial implementation to capture patient input with digital tools.
Developing a patient-centric strategy
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