A more direct path to patients.

IQVIA Virtual Trials are bringing studies directly to patients at home. Our virtual trial models offer the flexibility necessary to support sponsors working across therapeutic areas and study types—from complex CNS trials and studies requiring a wide geographic reach to digital therapeutics and long-term follow-up studies.

See how combining technology, data science, and clinical expertise speeds recruitment, heightens retention, and improves data quality – all of which helps you accelerate timelines and confidently achieve your study goals.

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Trials designed around the patient

IQVIA Virtual Trials brings clinical studies directly to patients at home, creating a more human approach to clinical research. By designing trials around patients, participants are surrounded by support, improving recruitment and retention rates, and keeping study plans on track.

  • Find the right patients faster. IQVIA’s patient recruitment platform uses real world data and analytics to find the patients you need, including diverse and difficult-to-recruit populations.
  • Improve quality and patient safety. Virtual trials can reduce variation in data collection and provide near real-time data to enhance safety signal detection.
  • Virtual is flexible. IQVIA Virtual Trials are scalable and flexible, and can be executed as full virtual or hybrid studies – large or small, local or global.

The right technology to boost your study performance

At the center of our virtual trials solution is the IQVIA Study Hub™. Built on a highly secure, scalable SaaS platform, Study Hub enables orchestration of all study activities.

  • Collect and disseminate data in real-time
  • Communicate with patients via telemedicine, alerts, chat and phone
  • Securely track IMP shipped directly to patients
  • Centrally monitor studies

Powered by the IQVIA CORE

From local experts to renowned data scientists, unparalleled data assets to the latest in technology purpose-built for healthcare, the IQVIA CORE integrates everything you need to create a single, seamless virtual trial solution. Customized around your drug, patient population, and development stage, the CORE makes virtual trials a viable solution for you, today.

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